Malmö and Copenhagen: doing the double PART II

Copenhagen is all about that mermaid statue, right? Wrong! So wrong! I’d even say don’t bother with it. Unless you like being herded around with the tourists and elbowed in the ribs by people trying to take that photo.

As travelling advice goes, this post may not prove very factual; I focused less on ticking off the tourist spots than I did getting a general feel for the city. It was my third Scandinavian city in three so days so I’m allowed to be lazy.

I decided to do as the locals do and get on a bike, renting one with a basket and three gears from Baisikeli – the owner gave me a map and plotted me a route, taking into account my love of inner-city parks and loath of tourist groups.

I breezed through Nyhavn, Amalienborg and the Mermaid chaos and shrugged off the crowds at the library, sitting by a fountain and enjoying the weather. Beautiful. Whizzing around Sortedams Sø and Peblinge Sø (gorgeous at sunset), I headed south to Christiania, a ‘hippy community’ and a real experience. It’s well worth a walk through, being not in the slightest intimidating or offensive, bar the constant smell of weed!

Into the evening, areas of grass and decking along the waterfront were hidden under a mass of towels, BBQs and beer bottles. Sunbathers, musicians, kayakers, swimmers and dancers collected here; an amazing atmosphere.

Wandering (and pedalling) around the city took longer than I’d imagined. I feel like I only just scratched Copenhagen’s surface, and the city’s gone straight back onto my to-visit list.






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