Thoughts from my sleeper train berth

View from my bed - does Summer Sweden ever see darkness?

View from my bed – does Summer Sweden ever see darkness?

For details of the trains I took, see an earlier blog. The one about Scandinavia perhaps…

Sleeper train matters I’d have tweeted if I had Twitter:

1) There’s always that one person who can’t grasp the concept of whispering. Or of turning the bloody light off. If there’s not a person like that, then maybe it’s you?

2) I put my phone down my pants so it didn’t fall out the bed. No comment.

3) One middle-aged lady took all her clothes off and put a silky lacy black nightie on. Another slept in a matching red underwear set. I know I should have been minding my own business, but I did for a second think ‘am I in some kind of social experiment?’

4) An eyemask and ear plugs are indispensable when sleeper-train-travelling. So I was pretty p’d off when I realised I’d forgotten mine.

5) I looked out the window at various points during the night and at no point was it pitch black. Welcome to a Scandinavian summer!

6) Just an idea, curtains across each bed? And a food carriage. Good god those late night munchies…

7) The Berlin Night Express is a train. That goes on a ferry. I’m on a sleeper train on a ferry. What?!

8) 5 Swedish girls in my cabin, all communicating with each other in English for my sake. Frickin’ bilingual population showing the rest of the world up.

9) They asked me which city is my favourite to date and I said Copenhagen. Idiot. “You do realise you’re talking to 5 Swedish girls?”

10) An impatient Swedish train guard forcing you off the train is a highly effective 6am wake-up call.

To sum up my two sleeper train experiences, I’d say that it’ll never be the best night’s sleep of your life, and it’s not the cheapest way to travel in the slightest. It does, however, spare you sitting on a train during the day, as well as those hostel costs.

It’s a great experience, and I recommend it (if you don’t mind the complete lack of any privacy), but I sure couldn’t survive on 5 hours’ sleep every night!


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