Woodah Hostel Copenhagen: a review

Everyone wants different things from a hostel when they’re travelling; for me, Woodah is spot on, it’s got it just right. So I’m dedicating a whole post to it.

The location is great, as far as distance from the main sights is concerned. It does, however, seem to be in the red light district; plenty of erotic shops and drunks, I even saw one man injecting himself… This didn’t really bother me though.

I arrived having done very little Copenhagen research, so the walking route plotted for me by the lady at reception, along with her recommended bars and cafes, was invaluable.

The hostel is small, only two dorms, two showers, two toilets. Probably only 20 guests in total. The ‘beds’ are an interesting creation; you sleep in a cosy cubby hole with a small entrance. It may sound claustrophobic but it does, in fact, offer a lot more privacy than a traditional bunk bed setup, with a curtain to pull across and a lamp and plug within.

Breakfast and bedding are included in the price (€33, by no means a bargain, but justified, I feel) though the real appeal for me was the free yoga class held every morning, all equipment provided, all levels welcome. I really enjoyed the class, it was active yet free, moving on to some more advanced poses.

I kept getting the giggles when the instructor mentioned the perineum though…

The well-deserved breakfast afterwards was fresh, healthy and organic. Muesli, freshly-baked bread rolls, Earl Grey tea, and some delicious homemade hummus.

Overall a thoroughly great hostel experience; Woodah’s eco-friendly focus is reflected in its interior design, range of organic snacks, and the positive attitudes of the approachable staff. Plus, I love yoga.





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