Awkward and Awesome

My great friend Stacey does this regular A & A page, whereby you list three of each from that week. It seems like a great anecdotal way to share the ridiculously good and the ridiculously bad things that have happened recently, without dragging it out over several posts. Keep that humour sharp.


Acceptance into this category is tough; there is a longlist of awkward moments and choosing the top three is no mean feat. This is my life (affectionately called The Cherrie Show by my friends), after all.

– I try out a new coffee shop, Cappomio, and order a Caffe Latte in German; the waitress comes back with a croissant. Someone please tell me what I’ve been doing ‘learning German’ for the last 8 years…?

– I have been stopped in the street and asked ‘do you speak English?’ twice this week. The first time I full-on laughed, right in the poor Mozart-loving Korean lady’s face.

– What’s the worst day of the year to spend hungover? Ah yes, Oktoberfest day. Hair of the dog. ‘I’m gonna be sick again.’

Stacey and myself in München's famous Hofbräuhaus.

Stacey and myself in München’s famous Hofbräuhaus.


Okay, there’s plenty of these too. In reality, although I can so quickly forget this, everyday is awesome; I have a great situation and I live in my dream city. But in terms of three extra-awesome moments…

– Climbing my home mountain, the Gaisberg, was all well and good, but hitchhiking back down from the top was a crazy, lazy, spontaneous decision. We must have seemed so stupid telling our picker-uppers how much we love hiking, but hey ho, we’ve saved ourselves a whole load of knee strain.

– Hand-written post from England – my friends (and grandparents) rock.

– Free tickets to the opera with my host mother; a truly awesome experience. There’s nothing quite like listening to a little bit of Mozart performed live by a 20-piece band in a concert hall in Salzburg. An above-average Friday night to say the least!



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