Awkward and Awesome II

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks actually; a lot of ‘work’, a whole lot of play, and a couple of mountain hikes thrown in there too. Here are the highlights and top embarrassing moments of the last two weeks;


– You’re rocking out to all your favourite old classics in a club, not giving a fuss about how you look or how bad your singing/dancing is, and then it slowly changes to German tunes so you awkwardly, very soberly, grab your coat and leave…

– Swimming pool etiquette particularly regarding the showers and the changing rooms. I’m just gonna stare at the floor.

– Getting the train to Freilassing, Germany to have a haircut and buy toiletries. It’s not that Germany’s really cheap, it’s just that Austria’s really expensive, and those 8 minutes on the train really can save you money. (Plus, fritz-kola – just saying.)


– Although really it was very sad, Stacey’s final night was completely awesome, no doubt. We’re at the station to catch the last train and we see that the first train the next morning leaves in five hours. So we turn around and head back to the club. We definitely were saying yes right until the very end!

– The safety of this city! I asked a local whether it’s safe to only lock your bike up by its wheel, as everyone here does (you’d be stupid to do that at home) and they say ‘welcome to Salzburg!’ Plus, I haven’t seen the police more than a couple of times in six weeks. Austria, you make so much sense!

– Making light of the whole tourist situation by; a) coughing and spluttering in front of the ones wearing face masks (this is Austria guys, be serious); b) yelling ‘oh my god, a Spar!’ whenever you see groups of tourists taking photos of Mozart’s birth house (on the ground floor of which sits a mini mart); c) walking down Getreidegasse and photobombing to your heart’s content; d) listening out for that ‘oh ma gawd so beautiful!’ in a thick Southern accent. And laughing.



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