The Budapest Series: Food and Drink Guide!

Oh MAN did we indulge! As always, I really did eat my way to cultural experience and learn about the Hungarian ways through the medium of CARBS. It works, trust.

Given that my budget was marginally higher than it has been on previous travels (oh so marginal), I hunted down a few quirky places to eat and really wanted to find some good eats to recommend! Here’s what I came up with;

Fekete coffee shop nr. Astoria was something we stumbled upon on our hunt for a quirky Latte stop. And I got so excited when we found it that I nearly squealed. I think it’s safe to say I have a caffeine addiction. A cute little place with limited indoor seating but delicious coffee.

– Try a Túró Rudi, found in the supermarket near the milks and cheeses. The best way I can describe it is as a chocolate-coated bar of cheesecake-style cheese. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it; I bought a handful to bring home (they all melted in my bag…)

– The Central Market Hall near Fővám Tér (Fovam Square) is grand, some fantastic architecture, and there are hundreds of stalls selling the cheese and the meats and the vegetables. An easy place to wander around and work up an appetite. Not so great for buying food to eat there and then though.

– Soup kiosk Leves. near the Central Market Hall was a great tip-off from a local. It means soup, funnily enough, and has some really tasty options. Only 450 HUF as well, which is about €1,5. Can’t argue with that.

– A lovely local called Anna, who I had originally planned to Couchsurf with but it didn’t work out, met up with us on our last day and insisted that we meet her at her favourite spot in the whole of the city, Sirius Teaház, which is more or less a playground for adults (no one above 30 aha) with a Moroccan feel where you can buy any number of flavoured teas while sitting around barefoot on a cushion on the floor, or relaxing in a darker corner. Go there, seriously, it’s such a funky place and you could easily kill a good few hours there. Local tip-off!

Instant, near Oktogon, is a psychedelic nightlife venue with several rooms/styles of music, free entry and a pretty crazy atmosphere. We stayed up 4, but with enough sleep and alcohol, we could have stayed until sunrise. A bloody awesome European night out; I’m definitely craving a Budapest party weekend now.





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