Zoë: Hong Kong observations so far…

So it’s my second day so far here in busy Hong Kong, and I think that’s already long enough to have made some pretty sound observations. Here goes:

Queue..? What Queue?

It seems that Hong Kong locals are strangely unaware of this concept, maybe it’s a western thing! I was in line first! Wait your turn!

The city never sleeps

Being a newcomer to city life, I have found that this term exists for a reason, even the clothes shops are open until 10pm!


Each to their own

Let me give you some examples:

– Hold a door open for the person behind you, not so much as a nod of gratitude in return.

– No such thing as ‘let passengers off the train before boarding yourself.

I suppose this is where my naivety plays a part, as I hadn’t considered the possibility of much being different in the way of social etiquette from place to place. Definitely strange to get my head around, but I guess this is all a part of the learning curve.



One response to “Zoë: Hong Kong observations so far…

  1. Some of this is just a more ‘straight forward’ cultural nuance, some of this is not actually locals but mainlanders who live/visit here but who have not grown up in an environment where what we know as ‘etiquette’ really exists 🙂


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