Awkward and Awesome: November


– He he he, some great inter-cultural dating stories this month, top quality cringe moments. Shame I’m too proud to share (which by default makes me a pretty awful blogger).

– Not having the money for trips while I’m in this amazingly central location! So many cities I’m yet to explore. Hoping to pull a cheapie to Innsbruck or some other Austrian town next weekend. Any advice?

-The amount I spend on media, despite trying my best not to be materialistic. My Austrian pay-as-you-go charges crazy amounts, and turning data on on my Brit phone every now and then (I get lost a lot, alright!) isn’t that cheap either. Plus Spotify, you sneaky bastard.


– Buying my own skis and boots! My worldly possessions now extend beyond one suitcase and one piece of hand luggage! A good reason to stay in Salzburg forever if you ask me.

– Visits from home friends which, if anything, makes me realise how little I miss living in England. Nonetheless, awesome to see them and the occasion was well celebrated with a heavy night out (followed by one very measly half-hearted one).

– A family trip to Amsterdam over the Christmas holidays! Dad’s original suggestion of Paris was not very well-received, but we’re all fully behind a trip to the Dam. Plus, the opportunity to blog about somewhere other than Salzburg (material is wearing thin, you may have noticed).




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