Zoë: Malaysia Experience in a Nutshell

There is so much to include in this blog that has happened in the last week and a half that it would take me hours to fit everything in. Definitely regretting not blogging as I go!

We landed in Penang, Malaysia on Friday 6th following a passport complication (rooky mistake) by my friend Naomi. N/B always have 6 months validity on passport before attempting entry to an Asian country.

We didn’t exactly immerse ourselves in the culture for the first 2 nights there as we used these to become accustomed with the heat, local food and bars. This meant that regrettably we didn’t see a lot of what Penang had to offer before it was time to move on.

On our 3rd day we headed to Langkawi (a 3 hour ferry trip north of Penang that is notoriously a nightmare for those with travel sickness) and found ourselves a dorm for which we paid 22RM (approx. £4.40) per night. As you can imagine, it was basic but all we needed. We didn’t want to leave Langkawi after days of snorkelling, island hopping and a large amount of sunbathing!


Halfway through our short trip, we had to head to Kuala Lumpur to say farewell to Henry who had joined us in Penang. Whilst there, we took the opportunity to visit the elephant sanctuary where we fed the baby elephants which was a really amazing experience.


Following the pub crawls, drinks and shishas on the Reggae Mansion Rooftop bar and a day trip to Melaka, Naomi and I made our way back to Penang with a ‘whistle stop’ tour of the Cameron Highlands.

This was enough time to visit the tea plantations and the Mossy Forest where temperatures were a lot lower than we were used to. If you ever have the chance to visit the Highlands – don’t hesitate, just go!


Returning to Penang to fly back to Hong Kong seemed all to familiar and all too soon. It’s a shame I have had to keep details of our trip to a minimum as there are so many stories and things we did that really will remain as incredible memories.

For a first travel, I would say Malaysia is ideal as there are very few language barriers and the transport from place to place is very efficient. Of course this is from purely my experience and before I have even left Asia, I already can’t wait to be back again.


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