Travel Resolutions; a progress report

My new year’s resolutions always revolve around losing weight, saving money, and better spending my time. My failure is so pre-determined that it’s a wonder I bother at all. Giving myself a travel to-do list, however, was bound to be a huge success. Here’s how I’ve been getting on with the travel goals I set myself back in March;

– As I banged on about in my last two posts, I was recently able to tick both hitchhiking and revisiting Lake Bled, Slovenia off my list with my friend Paige. A cheap relaxing weekend escape!

– Another opportunity to kill more birds than I have stones (the birds being plans and the stones being money) was Sziget, a music and culture festival on an island in the Danube in Budapest! Zoe and I wasted no time in getting tickets. We’re going with non-camping, planning to stay with relatives in the city, and it’s lining up to be a great combo of city, party, beach and live music. I cannot wait! What’s more, I already have plans to meet a ‘friend from a previous travel‘, Klaudia, there!

Munich, check!

Host Couchsurfers – I was so excited to get a couch request from Charles, a British guy who’d spent months hitchhiking from Hong Kong and wanted to spend two nights on my humble sofa, that I accepted him immediately, somewhat overlooking his mixed references and patchy profile. Unfortunately, after one night I had to ask him to leave. He was extremely arrogant, naive, and eventually I became uncomfortable with him being at my place. His attitude was all wrong. I was upset that my first hosting experience didn’t work out, as I’m a committed CS fan and have had some incredible surfing experiences, but I know what I’d do differently next time and hope to bring you cheerier tales in the future.

– Plans to visit Istanbul, Poland and Barcelona are unfortunately on hold due to a lack of funds and an overzealous taking of all holiday available. Oopsala.

– And as for the plans to visit Venice with my former host family, well…I’ll tell you all about it when I’m home!



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