My Christi Himmelfahrt hangover

Bank holidays and hangovers have become an unlikely pairing. My friend H is visiting from England and my other friend Meg is asleep on the sofa. It’s days like this I’m thankful that I live in a catholic country.

What even is Ascension Day anyway?!

This post is a mere reminder to myself and an update for my army of readers (ha!) – I am very much looking forward to writing a fat old piece about my 10 days in England, with plenty of tales from Kent, Oxford and London.

What’s more, next next Monday is another bank holiday (Pfingst/Whit?!) and we’re heading to Berlin for a 5 day-weekend for Paige’s birthday! Let the hungover bank holiday tradition continue.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the cathedral; as you walk towards it, the gold crown on the building itself gradually lines up with the head of the woman on the fountain. Exciting Salzburg Fact Of The Day.



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