Uh oh! The former Twitter addict has relapsed.

I’ve re-branched into the world of Twitter, a world I’m rather familiar with, this time to take my blog to the next level (read: a level, any level!) I used to be an avid and regular tweeter, and always found it to be a great way of communicating, networking and getting inspired, but became disillusioned and had a freak-out about internet presence and social media reliance and cut ties.

Since then, I’ve had a load of fun working on my blog, and have enjoyed keeping it relatively low-key and private, but I wouldn’t mind a few more readers, and I’d love the opportunity to connect with other bloggers on a more informal level. I’m also keen to see what’s going on in the wider world of travel journalism, outside of all the ’25/50/99 things to see/do/eat before you’re 25/50/dead’ rubbish that I get on my Facebook feed.

Hence, ta-da, you can now follow me @europalust! I even have a cute widget at the side of my page – no excuses!

See you there!

Hamburg - a trip I took with my University's German society in 2011.

Hamburg – a trip I took with my University’s German society in 2011.



3 responses to “Uh oh! The former Twitter addict has relapsed.

  1. I am going to go find you now. If you’re loving travel journalism, there is a travel journalists group on LinkedIn if you have a LinkedIn – it’s pretty useful (although comes with a health warning: a fair amount of snobbery and self-promotion is occurring within, but if you can get past that, there’s some interesting people and contacts about!) x


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