Berlin for the Pfingst Weekend: Part I of many

I first put Berlin on my to-do list back in school; I clearly remember a teacher telling us to ‘go to Berlin for the best nightlife in Europe!’ during a German class once. My first visit to the city was in June 2013, documented here, when I focused on seeing the sights (and aren’t there a lot of them!) with a friend, and the second time I visited, read here, was a crazy 24 hour couchsurfing adventure, my first in fact, during which I hung out with locals, drank and danced for hours, and stayed up late enough to catch the sunrise. My experience thus far had taught me that Berlin was an unpredictable place, a city that never sleeps, and a capital of endless possibility.

East Side Gallery nr. Warschauer Strasse

East Side Gallery nr. Warschauer Strasse

Having lived in Salzburg for 9 months, fully aware of the thrice-daily flight links between the cities, and the availability of a flat in the centre of Berlin belonging to my former host family that I had access to, it was only a matter of time before I headed back to the coolest city I know, and the clash of Paige‘s birthday and the long Pfingst weekend (yet another Catholic holiday!) provided the perfect opportunity. Four nights in Berlin it is, flying EasyJet and staying for free, with one definite goal; we want to dance!


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