Our weekend in Berlin: closure!

Two weeks after our Berlin weekender ended and I’m still in mourning. To get closure on the matter, it’s time for my final Berlin blog post.

The Brandenburg Gate, of course!

The Brandenburg Gate, of course!

The sights in Berlin really are a-plenty, as well as being easy to access, navigate and explore, though given the city’s turbulent history, namely the Wall and the politics of the 30s and 40s, sightseeing here can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Having ticked off most of the Must-Sees, including Checkpoint Charlie and the Topography of Terror, before, we revisited only the main sights this time; that being, the Reichstag, Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews, which are easily dot-to-dotted either starting or ending at the Hauptbahnhof main station. This is a route I’d definitely recommend, especially by bike, just to say you’ve seen them.

Aside from this, one of my top sights-to-see would definitely be the Eastside Gallery, which starts by Warschauer Str. station and continues along to Jannowitzbrücke, more or less. Over a kilometre of artwork from 1990, some shocking some optimistic, this is a popular sight.  You may recognise the famous kiss painting, which is often surrounded by swarms of tourists trying to capture the perfect shot alongside it. Well, not at 6am, we learned. Now there’s an insider tip for ya!


The infamous kiss painting at the Eastside Gallery.

What were we doing walking along this stretch at 6am then, eh?

We spent two nights partying at LichtPark Berlin, a beach bar with a decked dance floor, strawberry-flavoured fog, and top DJs (my introduction to techno!) Entrance and beer were pretty cheap, at €5-8 and €3 respectively, and it had a great vibe – wear what you want, dance however you want, and, judging by the rest of the crowd, take whatever drugs you can. And come sunrise, it was home time.

Tasty fog at LichtPark.

Tasty fog at LichtPark.

Our main objective of this whole trip was that we want to dance, and on no night were we more desperate for this than on the night before Paige‘s birthday, the Saturday night of our trip. Rather than heading to the standard electronic venues, we took a bit of a risk, having found a leaflet for a soul party taped to a lamppost of all places. The venue: Lido Berlin. The event: At the Soul Inn. It wasn’t packed, we didn’t know a single song, but we danced and swung and threw ourselves around the dance floor until gone sunrise, having hardly a thing! We were all agreed; Operation Dance completed, Paige’s birthday night out a huge success.

If you’re not already overwhelmed by the things to see and places to drinks that I’ve recommended, I have one more for you, and it’s pretty much top of my list.

Mauerpark, i.e. Wall Park, a former part of the death strip, is the only place you’re going to want to be on a sunny weekend. On Sundays, it’s host to a sprawling flea market, where Paige’s discovery of a vintage Swatch stand may have been her personal highlight of the trip, and our buying an old-school Aperol deckchair for the flat we were staying in made us feel like true Berliners. Once you’re through with that, bearpit karaoke takes place a little later at the stone amphitheater – a man rides up on his custom-made bike adorned with loudspeakers, and members of the crowd come on down and do their bit! It’s a fabulous atmosphere and was the perfect way to end our Berlin weekender.

Sunset jog in Mauerpark.

Sunset jog in Mauerpark.

Oh and before I forget, if you’re one for yoga, and non-traditional practice in particular, don’t hesitate to go to Jivamutki Yoga Berlin – €12 for an hour-long class taught in English, and they were very welcoming of us tourists. I plan on writing more about yoga in the future, so I’ll leave it there for now, but do take my advice if you’re a keen yogi!

Now a couple of Berlin blogs I can recommend;

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Until next time Berlin!


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