Blogging about blogging! Metablogging?

Edit 1607

Looking South from the Puch Urstein bridge along the Salzach, 10km south of Salzburg city.


– in business for 372 days
– 78 passages of perfectly succinct prose
– 13 countries visited and ‘recorded’
– approx. one month spent in my native UK

I don’t have a ton of followers and I don’t get a whole load of feedback on my blog, but writing about the places I’ve been, people I’ve met, and, most significantly, things I’ve eaten has become my favourite hobby and a treasured little project of mine.

I’m currently on a bit of a mission to improve my blog’s everything, and hereby would like to make three big commitments to help me on the way;

1) Photography!

What: Improve the relevance and quality of the photos I use on my blog.

How: Put a little more thought into my on-the-go photography, rather than just snapping away at random. Also, (and this is a big one!) make the most of the endless iPhone apps and websites that are dedicated to photo editing, and perhaps do that cool blogger thing with the text on the photo. And like collages ‘n’ shit. High-tech stuff, not sure how I’ll cope. I just read this Scarphelia post and am going to have a little play around.

If anyone has any recommendations, they would be most welcome!

2) Content

What: Increase relevance, be more detailed, write what people want to read!

How: Read over drafts the next day before posting, take inspiration from other writers and bloggers, ask family and friends for feedback, caption photos a little more methodically, give posts stand-out headings. A couple of other ideas I was toying with were having a regular feature (that all-important blog ‘quirk’) and having a ‘Directory’, where I list my #1 recommendation for any given city, be it a hostel, a bar, or a spot with a great view.

3) Connect

What: Increase blog traffic, and get inspired a little more (for blogging, writing and travelling!)

How: One blog post a week! Even if it’s just ‘dropping in’ or sharing a photo, post something once a week! I’ve started using Twitter more (follow me!) and have just got Bloglovin’ too, which I’m really getting into. I want to read other people’s posts, give them feedback, share ideas, and connect! I also need to use more links, be smarter with my tag-usage, actually tell people about the blog. And other such things it’s taken me 78 posts to figure out.

What do you think? Any ideas, recommendations, hate mail, or pieces of advice? Am I wasting my time? Should I just give up now? Am I on the verge of stardom? Let me know.


9 responses to “Blogging about blogging! Metablogging?

  1. A beautiful mess is my favourite app for editing/collages/texts. For a laptop pic is great!

    Totally know the feeling of wanting to blog more, get more feedback/followers. It’s tough!



  2. Chez, I think you need to get more followers. Your blogs are really interesting, relevant and fun.


  3. Quick answer: You are on the verge of stardom. Keep building-up your Blog. Make it into a book. Sell it. Make millions. Retire.
    Also: I love the pictures you put up – we just don’t have anything like that scenery in England – and I love the stories you tell.


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