Restaurant Review: The Green Garden, Salzburg

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Austrian meals are all about BREAD and MEAT, it’s all so heavy and carby; it’s a real wonder why the Austrians are such a slim bunch.

My very special friend  Paige is on her way back to the States and our trio is down to two. To celebrate our time together in this city, and to say a final farewell (until next time!), we eschewed the traditional Austrian restaurants and the over-priced touristy choices for something that had been on our radar for a while; a vegan/vegetarian restaurant just around the fortress from the main city in the Nonntal district. The very building, inconspicuous as it is, actually features in The Sound of Music, but I don’t like to dedicate too many words to that film.

On a beautiful summer evening, we picked a table on the faux grass outdoors, ordering the mint wine spritzer, the lavender wine spritzer, both of which were perfect for the season and the occasion, and the watermelon juice for Meg!

BeFunky_IMG_4839.jpgAll in German (but with an American waitress to translate!), the menu is simple, with a couple of starters and desserts, and only a handful of mains. There are a couple of vegan options, and everything is completely vegetarian, organic, and local!

After much deliberation, we’d decided. The Flammkuchen (thin healthy pizza) with chicory, pears, truffles and goats cheese for Meg, the almond and hemp tortellini with ragout and pesto for Paige, and the coriander and curd balls on a lentil dhal for myself.

What do you think? I tried them all, and I must say, I’d have trouble ordering again next time round! Each meal was super healthy and nutritious, but very filling at the same time, despite the portions not looking enormous. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the food and really had to tear myself away from the dessert menu (with promise of an ice cream in the city!)

BeFunky_IMG_4842.jpgWe spent around €14-€18 each, for a main course and a drink, so it’s not an phenomenal bargain, but it’s what you’d expect to pay for something run-of-the-mill in the city centre. This area of town really lends itself to such a restaurant as well, as it’s quaint with a little park and plenty of bikes and runners passing by!

The service was super friendly, the design and interiors well planned out, with a real garden feel, and the place was pretty booked out, so reserve if possible!

Geez, anyone else really worked up an appetite writing reading this?


The Green Garden
Nonntaler Hauptstr. 16


7 responses to “Restaurant Review: The Green Garden, Salzburg

  1. Looks lovely Chez – maybe we’ll go there when we’re over …
    What are curb balls? They sound interesting.


    • Thanks for reading mum! We should totally go there. I meant curd… like quark cheese, you know? You’re gonna find out soon enough!


  2. “Each meal was super healthy and nutritious, but very filling at the same time, despite the portions not looking enormous.”
    They look huge! What you talking about?!


  3. This looks absolutely delicious! I wish I’d known about this place when I was wandering around Salzburg looking for restaurant ideas!


    • A good enough reason to come back! I went again recently and am 100% convinced that there is not a single thing on the menu that isn’t completely delicious!


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