Cheap rail travel? In Austria?!

Introducing: the ÖBB Sommerticket!

Valid from 30th June to 7th September, this ticket allows unlimited travel on Austrian trains (just not before 8am on a weekday!)

The cost? €69 if you’re over 19, €39 if you’re under – you must already have the Vorteilskarte, which gets you 50% off all year round, costing €20. So I’ve just paid €89 to travel throughout this country all summer. Given that a Salzburg to Vienna return is normally €50, I’m saying this is a true bargain.

What’s more, you get a 25% off any trains that take you over the border, meaning that my trip to Sziget in Budapest will be a whole lot cheaper, as will potential future journeys to Munich, Slovenia and the like.


So other than Vienna and Salzburg, what’s worth seeing in Austria?

Well, the cities of Graz and Linz are bigger than Salzburg and have charm of their own, and you’ve also got the southern cities of Villach and Klagenfurt and Innsbruck to the West. (Links to blogs already posted!)

Over 300 lakes and 40 2000m+ peaks are within this country, making your hiking, swimming and sunbathing possibilities near endless. What’s more, Austria borders Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, so each corner of the country is distinct and unique, with the culture, food and dialect to reflect its geographics. With Vorarlberg and its city of Bregenz, which lies on Lake Constance, right on the Swiss border, to Burgenland on the edge of Eastern Europe in the South West, Austria truly is the ultimate slap-bang-in-the-middle, bridging vastly different countries and cultures diverse.


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