Budapest, Sziget festival, and Hungarian culture

Although I’m convinced that my life out in Austria is one big holiday, with new cities and new experiences on a weekly basis, my true ‘summer holiday’ of the year was a week in Budapest, Hungary with my sister and Eurotrip-ing friends, spending the majority of our time at Sziget music festival, which takes place on an island in the Danube in the north of the city.

Budapest holds a special significance for us in that it is the hometown of our grandfather and the setting of much of our family history. We are staying with relatives, in a quiet street in the city’s 2nd district. A fast track education in Hungarian language, food and history ensued!

All in all, the week has been the perfect combination of culture and learning, and partying and socialising! I will no doubt be returning to Austria exhausted, lacking in essential vitamins, and with a bad case of the post-Sziget blues.

I thought summer holidays were supposed to be relaxing…?

I am looking forward to discussing this trip across a series of posts. My intention? Convince you all that Budapest is one of the coolest, most fascinating cities you will come across, and justify my rather far-in-advance decision to attend Sziget festival next year!




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