Digression: smoothies, and another few of my favourite things

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Late August and September were always going to be a wind-down few weeks, not least due to post-festival finances, but I’ve also got big things planned for the near future, which I’ll save that for another post! (Clue: not pregnant, not getting married.)

The last couple of weeks I have been occupied with working, praying that I don’t get nominated for the ice bucket challenge, and trying to get Taylor Swift’s ’22’ out of my head (it’s my birthday this weekend.) What’s more, we’re having plumbing problems in the flat, so I’m resigned to the kitchen for three hours (two cycles’ worth) as all the washing machine drainage is just filling up the sink. Putting a wash on uses a ton of water, that’s what I’ve learnt today, and the eco-fwend inside me is concerned.

I’d be the worst foody blogger ever (check out my friend Holly’s blog Noisette actually, she’s a ton better at this than I am), but I’ve been getting really into fruit this Summer, perhaps inspired by Instagram binges (most notably, Loni Jane) and the desire to eat lighter after a big carb-fuelled Winter. I recently bought myself a hand mixer and have been experimenting no end. I’m never going to lose any weight on this new plan of mine, as I’m not replacing meals with smoothies, just snacks with smoothies, and I tend to choose the less-healthy fruits (ridiculous concept), such as bananas bananas a lot of bananas, and avocado too. Avocados make a smoothie so creamy, great for a dessert.

Something that’s helped me along with my smoothie romance, allowing me to eat a range of fruit but not having to buy a whole punnet of something, is the ‘freie Entnahme Korb’, or, ‘Help yourself basket’ in my local Spar, where all the soft peaches, bruised pears and brown bananas go to die, or be saved by some stingy poor girl like me. This fruit is beyond good for any other purpose than blending, but it enables me to make odd combinations and try fruit that I wouldn’t normally have any reason to buy. The title photo of this post, for example, is two apricots, a kiwi and a banana, plus a splash of milk and, as ever, cinnamon. I put it in a jam jar for extra edgy-ness, like?


Another of my new food discoveries has been chia seeds, a habit more expensive than smoking, but a little tastier too. Everyone was telling me how great it was, but they could have told me how much it costs! Either way, I’m on the bandwagon and I’m chia-ing every morning. Thankfully, a little goes a long way, and I’ve been playing around with different combinations, soaking it in something different every night; oat milk, banana mixed in, a squeeze of lemon… I’ll let you know how I get on, or, how long I can maintain this habit until I’m not able to afford rent anymore.

Enough about food/my finances.

The second part of my title, I wonder if you got it, is a reference to the one and only The Sound of Music which, as easy it is to hate, really fuels the tourism fire here in Salzburg. And what a huge fire that is. In fact, I wonder if the hotel I worked in would even be in operation if it wasn’t for this 50-year old film, so I guess I have Julie Andrews to thank for my job, one way or another.

Having never seen the film, I thought, it’s finally time, and we set an evening aside to see what all the fuss was about.


The cinema experience.

As it turns out, I’m absolutely none-the-wiser, though I must admit that the film is the perfect advertisement for Salzburg. Seeing Maria and co. running across the bridges I cross on my way to work everyday, horse-and-carting along a street just round the corner from mine, and marching around the fountain I swam in at sunrise a few weeks back (Germany had won the World Cup that night, what can I say), was surreal, but made me feel so lucky to live here. So I get it, why people want to visit Salzburg, but the countless Sound of Music tours (bus, bike, walking, take your pick) and people who come here purely to recreate the scenes… Well, that is still a puzzle to me, there are a ton of films I’d much rather tour the sights of!

(Had a little think about this, and have decided that a Vertigo tour of San Francisco would be my top pick.)


Told ya I’d never be a food blogger.

Betcha never thought you’d read a blog post on smoothies and The Sound of Music, huh! And that ends by telling you that, on the ‘short’ function, my washing machine uses 40 litres a wash. Well, there ya go!


3 responses to “Digression: smoothies, and another few of my favourite things

  1. I can’t believe I missed this post until now! Thanks ❤ I've had some chia seeds in the cupboard for months, I keep meaning to use them for activities other than vegan egg substitutes, hopefully one day soon!


    • I want to buy some more but they’re both expensive and hard to find! Normally hidden in the corner of some niche health food shop, somewhere among the lentils!

      Thanks for reading Holly, and sorry for my late reply!


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