I am one year older and I have something to announce

Birthday Announcement

Despite dreading my first birthday away from home and family and friends and anyone who’s ever spent any of my birthdays with me before, becoming 22 turned out to be a lovely affair, with post from both sides of the Atlantic, a little more alcohol than I’d planned, and enough chocolate to put my childhood Easters to shame.

Austrian birthday observations

♥ Seeing your birthday in is a bigger deal here than I’m used to, making sure that you’re surrounded by love and celebration as the clock chimes midnight. I had all of this, plus a delicious lemon cake, to see my 22nd birthday in – thank you friends!

♥ On your birthday, the done thing is to bring cake into work and share it around. This tradition strikes me as being the wrong way around, but thankfully my housemate baked me a Gugelhupf, a traditional Austrian Bundt cake, which went down very well with my colleagues!

♥ Something that didn’t quite translate was a novelty gift my parents posted; two little rubber ducks, a joke-y 22nd birthday present based on bingo. Naturally, trying to explain this to my Austrian colleagues got me absolutely nowhere; ‘you know bingo? Cockney rhyming slang? No?’

And now, announcement time

I always knew that after one year in Salzburg I’d be getting itchy feet. My initial leave-date was seven months ago and, though I’ve had an unbelievable time, seeing those seasons and those festive occasions rolling around for the second time makes me realise that if I don’t leave now, it may be a lot harder to in the future.

Well, let’s just say, an opportunity arose. And it just so happened to be in my favourite city in the world, the setting of so many adventures and the subject of many a blog post. I am moving city, moving country, upping sticks and relocating.

As of October, I will be a resident of Berlin!


3 responses to “I am one year older and I have something to announce

  1. 1. Happy Birthday! 🙂 2. I love Gugelhupf you lucky thing! 3. I also think the bringing the cake to work thing is wrong 😉 I had this twice at work in Deutschland this year, once for my birthday and once because I was leaving. 4. Congrats on Berlin! I couldn’t be more jealous! 🙂


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