Chez has updated her current location to Berlin.

Amidst the chaos of the last couple of weeks, my blog has been sadly neglected; needless to say, the process of packing up, moving, and settling into a completely new environment are somewhat of an energy sap, and starting my new full-time job last week temporarily put my creative flow on hold. But after a sleepy weekend (apart from the sunset dance in the park – we’ll get to that), I’m looking forward to writing about all that I’m seeing, learning, feeling about my new home, city and country.

First things first, leaving my beloved Salzburg was emotional, so much so that I cried my eyes out most of the way to Munich! It didn’t help that I’d hardly slept the last few days, with all of the last-minute shifts, the goodbyes, and the bureaucracy chaos sending me into a panic. In little over a year in that fine Austrian city I made some of the greatest friends and most special memories that I will hold with me forever, and I had to constantly remind myself why on earth I was leaving.

Dragging my body weight in luggage from Salzburg to Berlin, a journey comprising of a bus, a taxi, two coaches and a tube ride over a period of ten hours, was enough to put my patience to the ultimate test*. But after I’d got the key to my flat, thrown down my suitcases and kicked off my shoes, I soon realised there was absolutely no doubt that moving to Berlin was to be one of the boldest, bravest and worthwhile decisions I’d made.

And so it is, I now live in Berlin, in a flat to myself in the Prenzlauer Berg part of town. I’m an intern in a content marketing agency, and having come here knowing nobody and with no real plan whatsoever, I’m already wondering how this unique city will ever let me go.


Singing and dancing in Mauerpark every Sunday.

* only €45 door-to-door, thanks to the seeming lack of luggage allowance from MeinFernBus.


3 responses to “Chez has updated her current location to Berlin.

  1. Good luck my favourite eldest Niece in the city of the donut (John F Kennedy in 1961: “Ich bin ein Berliner”).


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