Travel blogger crisis time, and future plans

I’m ashamed to call this a travel blog. Sites in this category are the work of multi-lingual nomads, with no ‘home’ to speak of, just a rucksack to accompany them from continent to continent and their writing to fund their travels. In comparison, my measly ramblings are more deserving of the ‘occasionally holidaying expat blog’ title. This really hit me when I realised that I hadn’t visited a single ‘new’ country in 2014. I went to new cities, sure, but every country I travelled to was one I’d travelled to before.

Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews

Berlin’s Memorial to the Murdered Jews

Scrolling through my 2014 in writing, however, and I feel a little ungrateful saying all this; I had a fabulous year of travel! I hardly made it out of Western Europe and I didn’t have a solid month away as I have in the past, but I still covered some ground! After all, I spent the whole year living abroad, across two different foreign countries, and learnt something new everyday, even if I wasn’t jetting off to new and unexplored lands every weekend!

Here’s a quick summary of my adventures abroad in 2014;

– Austria: Graz, Schladming, Villach, and a lotta lotta Salzburg

– Germany: Munich, Bavarian mountains, and Berlin, before moving there in September

– Hungary: Budapest

– Italy: Venice

– Slovenia: Lake Bled

– UK: Kent, London, Oxford

I haven’t done badly, not at all, and I’ve kept it all well-documented. But still, I didn’t get to tick off that one new country, and this is poor travel blogger etiquette if you ask me. In a rush to rectify this before the year was out, I have been sure to get something in the diary. Given that I don’t have the money to be jetting far and wide, and my available time window is Friday night to Sunday night, there was one clear option.

A weekend in Poznan, Poland!

Only four hours on a bus from Berlin, Poznan is one of the oldest and largest cities in Poland and seems to have a lot going on; we should have no shortage of things to do on a cold and Christmassy December weekend. What’s more, it’s cheap; we’ve booked our return bus journey and two nights in a well-reviewed hostel and still have change from €40!


4 responses to “Travel blogger crisis time, and future plans

  1. Shame is an emotion best left to the young, you’ll find. Poland should be great. We considered going there when so close in Pressbourg but didn’t. A colleague of mine from there recommended it, of course. Happy Thanksgiving and have a Zywiec for me!


  2. I feel the same way about my travel blog. And I get serious travel blog envy when I read the blogs of others. Travel is what you make it 🙂 wherever we go we are blessed, even if it’s only the next town. I try and stay aware of how much of a first world luxury this is…even if I wish my destinations could be more exotic!! 🙂 keep up the blogging, I’m excited to read about Poznan, I’ve been through on the train and I’d love to go back properly. Have you ever been to Gdansk? I’d also totally recommend that. x


    • Thanks for your lovely, encouraging message! Travelling IS what you make of it, be it jetting on a round-the-world-er or exploring a part of your home country you’ve never visited before.

      This will be my first ever trip to Poland, and I’ve heard such great things about Gdansk, Warsaw and Krakow! I can’t wait to write about how I got on.

      Thanks for reading!


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