Photo Gallery: an abandoned building in Poznan, Poland


One of my biggest blog-related grumbles is the limitations of an iPhone on the quality of my photography. I know, I know, it’s more about the photographer than her camera, but photography is something I used to be really keen on and I feel somewhat restricted. I lost my first and only love, a beautiful Olympus camera paid for with my first pay check, somewhere between the Swiss airport of Basel and the main train station in the Summer of 2010 – part of me still believes it will rock up in ten years in mint condition by some sort of miracle, something along the lines of this guy’s amazing luck – and have never gotten around to buying a new one. Luckily, we were kindly lent a nifty Nikon camera for our Poznan weekender, and although I’m out of touch with all the settings and effects, I very much enjoyed the opportunity to take higher quality photos for one weekend only.

Stumbling upon a run-down building on our stroll along the river, we couldn’t resist heading inside, and this turned out to be the perfect opportunity to snap some photos. Given the state of the place, I can only hope that no one lives there, but I fear that may not be the case. Either way, the place seemed pretty deserted and more than a little creepy.









3 responses to “Photo Gallery: an abandoned building in Poznan, Poland

  1. Życzę JA miał Polskie dziewczyny.
    That place is so cool. It’s begging for a music video to be made there! UJ (also old and crumbling).


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