My favourite cafés on Oderberger Strasse, Berlin: Instagrammed

As far as cool streets in Berlin go, there aren’t many that can match up to the Oderberger Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg.
OderbergerStr. Having lived right around the corner for four months, I learned early on that there’s no better place to go for a lunch, brunch or coffee in walking distance than this 300m stretch. With a decent café for every day of the week in amongst plenty of vintage boutiques, with colourful apartment buildings stretching high (oh how I long to live here) and frequently packed pavements. Leading from Mauerpark to Kastanienallee, skimming the old border between East and West, it’s no wonder that there’s so much cool oozing out of this street and its cafés. Aided by Instagram (see bottom), in celebration of my opening an account, I’ve used the photography of others to tell you exactly why this street is the place to eat, and why these four cafés particularly deserve your attention. And so, in order of address;

#15: Entweder Oder

If you want food and lots of it, this is your place. The breakfasts are cheesier and hammier than your appetite will know what to do with and it’s pretty good going price-wise as well. I love the pun in the name as well; it means Either Or, and it’s on Oderberger Strasse. Funny, eh? Just me?

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#21: Engelberg

Engelberg has a real bakery feel; it’s self-service, with loaves shelved behind the counter and an array of cakes on display. It’s pretty small, you’d be lucky to get a seat on a Sunday at brunchtime, but it’s light and fresh and smells amazing.

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#35: Bonanza Coffee Heroes

This is perhaps the most famous of the bunch, serving coffee and only coffee, a choice of two blends, in fact. Everything about the place seeps that third wave coffee vibe, with elaborate equipment (seriously, what do glass bongs have to do with coffee?) and moustached men taking your order along with your name. The interior is simple and basic, the seating area out front a mere few white benches, but the queue out the door says it all.

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#38: Cafe Krone

This is your cosiest option, the loungiest of the lot. I brought my sister here when she came to visit, my parents too, and they all absolutely loved the place. It’s friendly and comfortable, not quite as chaotic as the others, and that feta cheese Flammkuchen thing? Without a doubt as tasty as it looks.

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John from Continental Breakfast Travel embedded photos from Instagram in his recent post on burgers in Dusseldorf, and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to use this method as well. After all, I love sharing photos, be it mine or anyone else’s, and it’s great to connect the different social media/blogging channels.

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(PS. I kinda sorta stole my featured image from this website:


6 responses to “My favourite cafés on Oderberger Strasse, Berlin: Instagrammed

    • You’re welcome! Instagram is a fabulous tool to use when you’re not quite sure that your photos can portray the true deliciousness. And it saves you been That Person taking food photos in a quirky restaurant!


  1. I can vouch for Café Krone – a very pleasant hour was spent here in December; a lovely introduction to Berlin.


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