Introducing #CultureTravChat and the very exciting week ahead!

Let me start by apologising for the absence of late.

Since my last blog post, I’ve started a new job in a Berlin start-up, moved in with two lovely Germans in Neukölln, and made a whole load of new friends. I’ve lost friends too, in the form of my elderly kitty Tilly, who died last week. What with all the change, February has been manic, sapping both energy and creativity, and I haven’t made enough time for writing, let alone travelling.

Thankfully, I’ve had some fabulous networking opportunities on my favourite social network, Twitter. Its travel blogger community reaches every corner of the globe, and I continue to be motivated and inspired by the people whose e-paths I’ve crossed, and amazed at the engaging around the clock conversation.

My biggest discovery has been live Twitter travel chats. Through the magic of the hashtag, you can get to know likeminded people from around the world, contributing to one huge web of conversation about a chosen topic, usually guided by a series of questions. It’s about learning, sharing, discovering, giving and receiving feedback, and building yourself a community. Having taken part in quite a number (I was unemployed for two weeks…), there’s one in particular that is in my diary without fail.

And so, I introduce:

Culture Trav Chat #culturetravchat

Yes, that’s me at the bottom there!

I am co-hosting this week’s #CultureTravChat!

And I’m so bloody excited about it!

I’ll be joining bloggers and tweeters Nicolette and Jessica, and we’ll be discussing all things Europe, my favourite topic! I hope to see as many of you there as possible, sharing your memories, photos, plans and dreams with us, and connecting with this amazing and inspiring family of bloggers and travel fans!

I will post again later in the week with a little more information, as well as the questions we’ll be discussing, but feel free to get in touch in the meantime! As for getting a head start on Thursday, follow @ChezEuropalust, @Nicolette_O, and @JLipowski, and stick #CultureTravChat in a tweet to say hello in advance!


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