#CultureTravChat: all the information you’ll need

I’ve banged on about #CultureTravChat sufficiently, both in my last blog post and on my Twitter page, so here’s all the information you’ll need to take part and get involved! One of the many reasons I love this chat especially is that you can prepare for the questions in advance, so be sure to take advantage of this! I can’t wait to see as many of you as possible there.

#CultureTravChat Questions: Europe

Q1. Have you traveled to Europe? Where? Where would you still like to go? #CultureTravChat

Q2. Which European country surprised you most? Share a story and/or a pic. #CultureTravChat
Q3. What’s the most interesting method of transportation you’ve used in Europe? (boat, kayak, bike, etc.) Share a pic! #CultureTravChat
Q4. Have you ever lived in Europe for an extended period of time? Where? Share your experience. #CultureTravChat
Q5. Describe how life in Europe is culturally different from your hometown (or elsewhere you’ve lived if from Europe) #CultureTravChat
Q6. Have you ever made friends on the road during your visits in different European cities? How? #CultureTravChat
BONUS: Share one of your favorite photos from a trip in Europe. Tell us why you love this particular moment. #CultureTravChat

How to get involved

1. Follow the hosts @Nicolette_O, @JLipowski and myself @ChezEuropalust on Twitter.
2. Use #CultureTravChat in each tweet – this way others can see your comments!
3. Invite friends to join, and RT comments you find interesting.


Check out the previous chats on Nicolette’s Storify here.


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